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Real Estate Sales/leasing

Investors and owner/users trust in our expertise in identifying and contracting the real estate asset that best matches our clients’ goals.

Real Estates Sales & Leasing

We have brokered over 20 million dollars of real estate in the local are and found that the fastest and most efficient way to sell a property is to be priced according to the market demand and to highly expose your property to not only the mass market but specifically the local real estate agent and broker community. We do this in a very efficient and targeted manner we like to call “Target Marketing” The list below shows only a few of our techniques that have proven to be aggressively effective over the years.

Marketing Technique Campaigns

Why do I need a Construction Consultant?

There are so many actions required to complete a real estate project that it would be impossible for one person or one development company to acquire the expertise needed to finish one successfully.

Construction consultants are needed to provide gaps in knowledge and performance required to achieve a profitable project. They help reduce risk, make sure that each part of a project is completed to the highest and best construction standards. They accelerate timelines, assure quality and help investors achieve good rates of return on their investment

Sales and Leaseing

Selling and leasing property in Texas, and beyond, can be challenging. To obtain the best results possible, consulting with a Broker that has local knowledge of the area and understands the unique issues that can arise will help to assist you in reaching your objectives. Our Texas real estate sales and leasing Broker have been practicing in this area for decades. We are familiar with the issues that can arise during a real property transaction in this area and have the skills and experience to achieve success.


We understand that whether you are selling a property or negotiating a commercial lease, you need a broker who have successfully dealt with Texas real estate time and time again. Without this local knowledge, your transaction could suffer from unnecessary delays or reach an impasse, causing disaster for your business and on your bottom line. You can’t afford to take that chance.


We not only have professional relationships with the key players in the industry, but we are also centrally located in the Houston market for fast showing response. This distinction sets us apart from other firms and provides our clients with an advantage.

Real Estate Sales

Investors and owner/users trust in our expertise in identifying and contracting the real estate asset that best matches our clients’ goals.


We will identify the best location / fit possible by knowing the market place properties better than anyone else.


The advantages of location, visibility, accessibility and value are clearly articulated within our accurate and complete property listings


Trust is the foundation of cooperation with the entire real estate brokerage community. We work with all real estate professionals, commercial and residential, both at the local and national level, to ensure maximum exposure for your property.