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About US

About Us

Frank Ball Realty provides a wide range of services for the Houston, Texas, area. We deliver timely estimates at critical milestones during the evolution of design for your developments, we buy and sell properties off-market at lightning speed since we have an active buyer’s and seller´s list, we compile daily and through our broker/agent community.

We also offer private funding for new construction and rehab projects throughout Texas. Including land purchases, lot developments, home builds, rehabs, condos, and apartments. Easy qualifications asset-based loan.

If you are looking for consulting on your next project, we can guide you to improve performance in terms of operations, profitability, management, structure, strategy, and quality.

This demand for excellence applies not only to project management team members that supervise all work but also to Frank Ball Realty´s personnel in the field, agents, lenders, and all the internal operations team.

About Ball

The Ball Team will provide not only timely estimates at critical milestones during the evolution of design, we will also deliver professional preconstruction services that enhance your final project, while ensuring its feasibility within budget parameters.

Many of the most experienced, skilled and dedicated men and women in the construction industry comprise the Ball team. Working as a cohesive unit with our clients and consultants, the Ball Team’s talented professionals help assure that the highest standards of quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are met on every project we complete.

This demand for excellence applies not only to project management team members, but also to Ball’s personnel in the field. Ball’s own on-site professionals regularly perform and supervise all earthwork, concrete forming, placing and finishing, rough/finish carpentry, general labor, millwork, painting, and masonry.


To provide real estate services helping people from the Texas area with opportunities for investment, consulting, funding, development, and brokerage.


Commit full energy to deals that are the best fit. Diligence in design and tenacious in controlling all aspects of the real estate services

This laser focus has led to successful relationships, projects, and deals with all  parties from Texas.


Our portfolio of developments and properties ranges from single-family homes, low-rise traditional walk-ups, and four-story urban properties to high-rises. We have an in-house team of contractors for our services and a wide range of marketing strategies to make sure we can sell your property.

Assets and management

Single-family & Multi-family leasing

Single-family & Multi-family property management

Single-family & Multi-family Sales

Management accounting

HOA Management

Our Expertise

From projects as small as 500 square feet to over 100,000 square feet, “The Ball Team” approach remains true. We work together as a team with owners, architects, designers, municipalities, lenders, and subs to achieve your vision as fast and efficiently as possible.