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The principal of Frank Ball Realty, was born in Houston Texas. His family has been involved in real estate investment and construction development for three generations. Mr. Ball attended University of Texas’s Real Estate Broker Program, and has held a Texas Real Estate Brokers License for nearly a decade. In the last 25 years, he has developed & sold both single family & multifamily properties ranging from wood-frame development builds to vertical concrete high-rises in both Houston and Dallas markets. He focuses on forced equity through hard work with a calculated vision.


Vice President

Sebastian has over 15 years of sales leadership and 8 years of real estate procurement experience. Working with major companies such as Charter, AT&T and T-Mobile. Sebastian has been responsible for the market development of new stores and regions during his career. Sebastian has also served as an advisor and investor with multiple real estate developers and home builders. Sebastian is a graduate of the university of Texas and spends his free time with his son Everett.

Marketing Technique Campaigns